As a socially responsible investor, we manage the investments within the Fund not only to create a better financial future for our investors, but also to contribute to a more sustainable world. Our approach is two-fold:

01 We avoid investing in companies which operate in industries which, in our view, cause significant social or environmental harm. Some of the industries we avoid are set out in our Responsible Investment Charter.
02 As active shareholders, we support and encourage companies to act in a socially responsible manner on environmental, social, labour and governance issues.

Further insight into our considerations are detailed in our Responsible Investment Charter available below.

The Responsible Investment Charter forms part of the Fund’s PDS and we recommend that you read it before making an investment decision in relation to the Fund.

Please note, the decision to invest in a company and the extent to which we take into account environmental, social, labour and governance issues is ultimately at our discretion using a methodology and weighting of our choice.